Does anyone have an installation of Skyrim?

Answer you mean pc how the hell can you install a game on xbax

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Skyrim Dawnguard installation problem?

Patches are cumulative, so all u need is the latest one.Have u gone into your "skyrimprefs.ini" file and made sure this line, "bEnableFileSelection=1" is present under the [Launcher] section?The co... Read More »

How well will I be able to run Skyrim and Far Cry 3?

On what Resolution???On 1080p - mid-high setttings1600 x 900 resolution - high settings

I need skyrim help!!!?

I think you mean Hearthfire, the second add-on since candlehearth is a tavern in windhelm. Just go to any city and a courier will or should come to you with a letter saying plot is for sale in fal... Read More »

How would Skyrim run on my pc?

It should be able to run Skyrim on high settings, and Sims 3 minimum requirements are practically a toaster, so it's fine.Edit : I've seen videos of this card being able to run on Ultra settings to... Read More »