Does anyone have a suggestion for cleaning mold?

Answer You can use borax, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or bleach. However, you have to use bleach with precaution, don't mix bleach with ammonia as this will create toxin fumes.There is this website that de... Read More »

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Does anyone have a small business telephony suggestion?

If you are not contented with virtual PBX then you may want to create your own phone system using open-source software like Asterisk. Unfortunately, setting one ain't gonna free you from cost since... Read More »

I want to throw a 30th birthday party for my boyfriend in Boston. Does anyone have a venue suggestion?

Every birthday party is unique. Do you know what you want to spend? And, how large is your group? Without knowing any specifics, here are a couple of suggestions that come to mind!How about is a di... Read More »

I am having trouble cleaning my room, does anyone have any suggestions?

Does anyone have a secret method for cleaning tile in a bathroom?

I assume you're talking about the shower/tub area where it gets yucky with mold, mildew and soap's what I do with the whole bathroom...Part of it is a daily 5 minute routine. Keeps ever... Read More »