Does anyone have a secret method for cleaning tile in a bathroom?

Answer I assume you're talking about the shower/tub area where it gets yucky with mold, mildew and soap's what I do with the whole bathroom...Part of it is a daily 5 minute routine. Keeps ever... Read More »

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Bathroom Tile Cleaning Products?

Many people know the frustration of cleaning bathroom tile. Even if you clean it once or twice a week, mildew, mold, soap scum and limescale can quickly build up making your bathroom look dirty. Ho... Read More »

Can you tile a small spot of the bathroom with no tile adhesive?

Assuming that it's ceramic tile, that should be just fine provided that he used a Portland type cement and got sufficient coverage. It sounds like your contractor used a fairly arcane mixing method... Read More »

Can you tile over tile on a bathroom floor?

Yes you can. But the question is whether it is a good idea to do so. In some instances it can be satisfactory to do; in others, it's better to remove all old tile. In some states this is actually i... Read More »

What's the best method for cleaning a CD or a DVD?

Non-abrasive soap and warm water. Use just your fingers to clean it. No need of a scourer.If they are a bit damaged/scratched, use car polish (just a little) and a piece of cloth (preferably chamoi... Read More »