Does anyone have a remedy for sunburn, one that really works?

Answer As a redhead, i can only empathize with your girl. Before i actually got smart and realized that my chances of tanning would be, well, near zero, i used to burn severely. The only relief i would ... Read More »

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Does anyone knows if that Youthology eye cream really works?

Youthology was not ranked as one of the better product on the market, clink on this link to see which eye creams work best. It is a great resource…

Does anyone know if that 'Rabbit jack' for your computer really works?

Does anyone know where to get a free virus scanner that works on really old computers I've tried so many and?

AVG is not the best and it won't detect the more recent viruses. AVAST is the correct one to use. What you need to do is open AVAST and select "BOOT SCAN".It will automatically reboot and scan your... Read More »

Where can I get Dr Sebi's cleansing remedy recepie And does anyone knows if it works?

I don't know who Dr. Sebi is but you sure are cute. ;-)