Does anyone have a remedy for sunburn, one that really works?

Answer As a redhead, i can only empathize with your girl. Before i actually got smart and realized that my chances of tanning would be, well, near zero, i used to burn severely. The only relief i would ... Read More »

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What is a good remedy to help my awful sunburn but will still give me a great tan?

IB Profin is an anti-inflamatory- and you sound pretty inflamed.I was burnt all over so I took a luke-warm bath with a ton of baking soda. I was still a tiny bit red the next day but not burned.Use... Read More »

How to Tell Whether a Home Remedy Works or Not?

Throughout the world there are many home remedies that are said to cure a certain disease. Although eventually every home remedy has to be judged in his own right, some generalisations can be made.

What is your best natural remedy tip that you know works?

Carrots for insect bites. I've personally used carrot on a yellow-jacket sting, and it never swelled. The person who told me about it used it on a brown recluse spider bite (it rots the flesh!) and... Read More »

Tapeworm Remedy That Works for Puppies?

Tapeworms are parasitic worms that live in the small intestines of their host animal. Puppies and adult dogs are equally susceptible to a tapeworm infection. Flea control is perhaps the most import... Read More »