Does anyone have a recomendation for good monitors?

Answer I bought a dell 19" LCD for a good price. i am very happy with it b/c it has a great reaction time (8ms - the lower the better).

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I need to buy a new camera, does anyone have any good suggestions for a good brand?

Would baby wipes be good for cleaning laptop monitors and/or regular monitors?

I wouldn't try it, you may damage the screen. I bought some wipes from wal mart. They aren't expensive, only a couple of dollars. They are called Nice'n clean. They come in a box of 24 and are in l... Read More »

Does anyone have a Pentax K110D or K100D, if you have how good are they?

The K110D and the K100D are the same camera with one exception: the K100D adds built-in Shake Reduction. With that in mind, here are two in-depth reviews for the K100D: Read More »

Does anyone have any good recipes that have marshmallows in them?

last on the grill pork chops (tonight)fudge recipe also makes 5 # can send it to you if you want?