Does anyone have a minecraft username and password they don't need/want/use?

Answer You think people will give away minecraft accounts?

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Is my minecraft username good?

It's realy good if anyone comments negative about it says "That's what she said :D"PS: Mine is no better ario181

How do i verify my username on a minecraft server?

The last reply is wrong. Do you have a premium minecraft account? If you do, keep trying since this does sometimes happen. Also, try joining other servers

I found a computer and i dont know the password what should i do to figure out the password?

Probably can't. But you could reinstall the operating system and set a new password. You can generally do this by booting from an install CD or DVD.

How do you set a username for facebook if you dont have a mobile?

you dont have to have a mobile device - they are just giving you an optionto verify your account, check your email where they send you the verification linkhowever, they wont send you one if they d... Read More »