Does anyone have a good recipe for tripe?

Answer i happen to be one of those who love tripe.callos:(tripe with sausage and chickpeas)500 g (1 lb) ox tripe500 ml (2 cups) vinegar7 liters (28 cups) water750 g (1½ lb) ox hooves2 tablespoons corn oi... Read More »

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How Often Should You Feed Your Dog Tripe?

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How to Cook Beef Tripe?

Beef tripe is eaten all over the world and can be incorporated into a huge variety of dishes including soups, stir-fries, and traditional Italian pastas. To prepare beef tripe, follow these instruc... Read More »

Does anyone have a good recipe?

This is the recipe I've been using for pasta sauce for years, plus a few variations I have added at the end.Italian Marinara Sauce1 small onion, chopped fine1 medium carrot, chopped fine1 stalk cel... Read More »

Desperate for a good recipe?

You need to get a bit more adventurous. There are many simple and quick meals you can cook.Here are a few easy recipes.Sweet & Sassy Chicken aka Catalina ChickenServes 4 (Use leftover chicken for... Read More »