Does anyone have a good recipe for goulash?

Answer I'm not a big goulash fan, but I was looking for something quick and hearty for dinner (while using what I had in the kitchen). I changed the recipe for 3 servings and played around with the ingred... Read More »

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How do you make Goulash?

First you need this-…MASH WITH A FORK.Then add this-…MASH AGAINFor extra decadence you could add a slug of Dr Pep... Read More »

What do you prefer Goulash or Moussaka?

moussaka without a doubt adore all greek foods

Have you ever made Hungarian Goulash?

>I have a recipe at home, not right here with me, as I am over at my brother's home tonight. I have an old Hungarian Recipe Book used by my mother (she got it from her mom and dad's church associa... Read More »

Can you use shoulder roast in goulash?

Goulash is often made from cut up beef, veal or pork shoulder roast. The most economical method is to buy a shoulder roast whole, then cut it into chunks at home with a sharp knife before following... Read More »