Does anyone have a emachine desk top?

Answer E machines are fine, (Gateway owns them) they don't make their own motherboards and cards, they are all "name brand" parts in them, the only thing "really' emachine is the case, keyboard, power sup... Read More »

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Does anyone know what kind of desk this is?

Shpelyk Roman is the designer and you can see very detaled pics here...…Not sure where to buy it but shouldnt be too hard to find now you know what you ar... Read More »

Does anyone have any ideas about the possible causes of agoraphobia,,, can it happen to anyone?

Agoraphobia is an intense fear about being in public places where you feel escape might be difficult. So you tend to avoid public places: example to much time in the £-shop!

I have a tseries emachine computer, and its connected to a router but it wont show up on the cpu?

Does the eMachine laptop come with a power adapter?

eMachine's laptop or notebook computer, the eME527-2537, does come with an AC adapter cord. The computer is equipped with a variety of software programs already installed, including Windows 7, Micr... Read More »