Does anyone have a cool name for a url on tumblr :p?

Answer If your name is really esteban then you could go with something like combining blaze with esteban getting Esteblaze. It isn't taken.

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Cool tumblr url name HELP!!!?

Hey!See if you like these names:Braid_Loverx37Orange_BeachOrange_Beach_Basketballx77{Your name}_Loves_OrangeHypnotic_OrangeHypnotic_BraidsBasketball_Starx37If you haven't liked the above ones, try ... Read More »

My tumblr keeps on deleting by itself, does anyone else have this problem!?

This has never happend on me. why not ask friends using the same tumblr to see if they have the same problem. maybe the station manager just doesn't want to keep so much data..

Does Anyone Have A Recipe For A Cool Water Sandwich And A Sunday Go To Meeting Bun?

No, but I can tell you how to make a wish sandwich.....

Can anyone tell me a cool blog name?

1. amazing things 2. what Eddie speaks 3.priceless things.4.things on demand.5.hello World6.Golden sparrow Speaks