Does anyone have a...?

Answer i'll follow back! :)

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Does anyone have any ideas about the possible causes of agoraphobia,,, can it happen to anyone?

Agoraphobia is an intense fear about being in public places where you feel escape might be difficult. So you tend to avoid public places: example to much time in the £-shop!

Does anyone have any good recipes that have marshmallows in them?

last on the grill pork chops (tonight)fudge recipe also makes 5 # can send it to you if you want?

Does anyone have the exact script to "Can I have your number" from mad tv?

Can I Have Your Number??Damn.DAMN!OH DAMN!Ok, ok, ok.Ahem.‘Scume ca’I talk to yo fo a minute?ESCUME ca’I TALK TO YOU FO A MINUTE?Uhh, yeah, whats up?Uhh, yeah, uhh, my name Darrell, its spell... Read More »

Does anyone have a Pentax K110D or K100D, if you have how good are they?

The K110D and the K100D are the same camera with one exception: the K100D adds built-in Shake Reduction. With that in mind, here are two in-depth reviews for the K100D: Read More »