Does anyone have LCD TV recommendations?

Answer Stick with known brands like Sony, Samsung and LG. I recommend looking at display models at the stores and check how deep the black is and the visibility range ( look at the TV at different angles,... Read More »

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Does anyone have recommendations for cheap catering in LA or Orange County?

I don't really know what your definition of "cheap" is... - if you don't want to go fast food, you might try Beachwood BBQ in Long Beach & Seal Beach beachwoodbbq.comI have used them to for a birt... Read More »

Does anyone have any recommendations for a home theater sound system with extremely good bass?

At that price level, you can only find basic systems, extremely good bass (As well as extremely good treble, etc.) starts in the thousands of dollars. At your price level, the only item I can recom... Read More »

Anyone have health insurance recommendations?

K-bear. You should be eligible for Cobra. That's probably the best you can do for right now. I didn't understand about cobra when I lost my job in Nov., but since then Ive found out that it's your ... Read More »

Anyone have any recommendations for a good MiniDV camcorder?

Sony is better than any ,I have JVC, Cannon Panasonicbut Sony - I like better, I do Video for living , I recommend Use only Sony Mini DV Cassettes , others as Panasonic will damage the Head... Read More »