Does anyone happen to recognise this?

Answer That is a "Rhododendron luteum" (golden comet) Known for it's fragrant, beautiful bright yellow flowers.……http://... Read More »

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How will you recognise a bully?

he/she is the one pushing and picking on all the other kids

Would you recognise mistletoe?

I see it all the time in our neighborhood trees. It's a fungus plant that is thick with roundish leaves. The roots or spores grow down about 8 inches from where it is seen to the branch should be c... Read More »

Anyone recognise this number?

That would be a mobile number. No way you can find out who or where.Sounds likespam:…

How to Recognise Your Soulmate?

This article is unclear, vague, or confusing. Please edit this article, clarify it, and remove this notice when the article has been improved. Notice added on 2009-01-08.After studying hundreds of ... Read More »