Does anyone feel the same about wikipedia?

Answer Hi jodi h -Yes I think exactly the same about it!! The general stuff, as the two previous posters stated are ok; but some of the more lesser know facts are not represented well. Because of the way... Read More »

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Does anyone know how to add a page about something on wikipedia?

It's very simple. Follow the link to reach wikipedia main page: on link at the top right corner of the wikipedia main page to create a New Account (or si... Read More »

Does anyone know if the information on wikipedia about from first to last is accurate?


How does Joe and Biddy feel about pip in great expectations feel about leaving to London?

Husband=Glorified Babysitter...Anyone feel the same?

When i read this, I almost thought you were talking about me! :)I have a 6 month old son as well, and my boyfriend is the exact same way. He is an amazing father, when he WANTS to be! I know he wor... Read More »