Does anyone feel the same about wikipedia?

Answer Hi jodi h -Yes I think exactly the same about it!! The general stuff, as the two previous posters stated are ok; but some of the more lesser know facts are not represented well. Because of the way... Read More »

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Do you feel sorry for WIkipedia editors?

those wikipedia people are so not cool, they deleted all my aritcle, i also cuzzed on wikipedia, one more time im out, go to my website, its called Alanpedia you can write ... Read More »

How to you feel about the current Wikipedia blacked-out ?

I think its a great way to get a message across. SOPA and PIPA have no right top censor, This is America, not Soviet Russia.

Would you feel happy if there was a wikipedia article about you?

As someone who's been involved as a member of the community of Wikipedia, I don't think I'd have a big problem with there being a Wikipedia article about me. For one thing, sure, while Wikipedia is... Read More »

Why people feel motivated to contribute with Wikipedia?

Having contributed to Wikipedia for three years with over 17,000 actions logged on the site, I think I might be able to provide some insight into this.First of all, there is the motivation that I h... Read More »