Does anyone else think the internet should be more careful?

Answer I definatly agree with you!

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Does anyone else think that Perez Hilton is crazy Does anyone else think he looks like an ape?

Yeah he's really weird, his blog annoys the crap out of me sometimes lol. But he used to be much worse then he is now though

Does anyone else besides me think they should make the MSF course mandatory for new riders?

I think it is a good point and like the Ideal. Some states make us wear helmets, why not safety course. However I don't like the government passing laws all the time that take a way my freedom of c... Read More »

Anyone else think having toothache is more painful than giving birth?

I agree with you.....When giving child birth it is a pain that you forget about the second you hold that new born child in your arms for the first time or see that child for the first time.When hav... Read More »

CBB: Does anyone know why Ulrika is being paid more than anyone else...?

no idea some are doing it for just £20.000 i hope they discuss their fees should cause a few rows if nothing else lol