Does anyone else think that IPads are stupid?

Answer Yeah there so STUPID! basicaly there a giant ipod. So dummb.. There so stupd its like people who buy them must be dumb cuz theres nothing but a giant ipod.

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Howcome my stupid computer won't recognize the stupid usb?

because both of them are stupid, isn't that obvious! O.o

Why do some iPads have 3G?

Becuase Apple chose to put 3G functionality in some iPads.

How much does it cost for an iPads 3G?

It depends on if you get a 16, 32, or 64 gigabyte model.

Can I Add More Storage to iPads?

You cannot expand an iPad's storage capacity directly. The device's unibody construction does not allow user upgrades, and any attempt to alter the iPad's hardware may damage it and void any warran... Read More »