Does anyone else think it's pathetic that changed the original meaning of Addison?

Answer Yeah that's just ridiculous. Considering it has SON in the name should be obvious it's not "daughter" intended. Addidaughter would be daughter appropriate. I think it's bogus that they're changing ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the name addison?

The English surname Addison is patronymic, indicating a “son of Adam.” Addison can be a given name for both genders, although in modern times it is much more often bestowed on girls, ranking as... Read More »

What was the original purpose for the cia and has it changed?

Can a original birth certificate be changed?

(This answer only pertains to the United States.)For non-adopted people, the answer is NO, the original birth certificate cannot be changed.However, in cases of adoption, original birth certificate... Read More »

What were your original motivations for adopting, and have they changed?

Dear Opedial,We wanted to be parents and to know the joy of raising a child. We were told that my tubes were blocked. Instead of ivf or surgeries, we thought we would instead provide a home to a ... Read More »