Does anyone else take issue with this?

Answer I'm totally agreed. It's amazing to see so many right-wingers on here trying to justifythe milking practice. They like to talk about"free will" but strip that from other beings.Also, I read someone... Read More »

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I have to shave my legs everyday and it grows back so quick...does anyone else have this issue & what do u do?

Just keep shaving. If you use lotion every day, it will soften the hair follicles, which will make it less noticeable when the hair starts growing back. Or, you can wax them, which pulls the hair o... Read More »

Does anyone else think this is as funny as i do (about old people with electronics)?

The better cameras don't give you a screen picture when shooting. You still look through the viewfinder. You can usually get a better picture that way as you're holding the camera closer to you a... Read More »

With all this talk of Margaret Thatcher, does anyone else actually only sleep for 4 hours a night?

I used to work on the motor ways 12hr shifts which meant we had to sleep on site in caravans,So yes I know what it's like.As for you,re friends they should know you well enough by now that you are ... Read More »

Has anyone else tried this before Have you had anything else like this Answer in full please. Thanks!?

Okay fed-boy:Cottage cheese with actual pineapple in it's own juice (drained) or peaches or pears or strawberries - any fruit really.Cold, raw oatmeal flakes with cold milk barely covering the 'pil... Read More »