Does anyone else really struggle getting up in the mornings?

Answer im in the same situation, i had a job where i actually told the boss i could'nt make it into work for 7am because i had a "sleeping condition". its a weird thing because when im contemplating gett... Read More »

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Is anyone else getting really annoyed at Americans having a go at the NHS the past few days?

Moaning about the NHS is one of our favourite past-times, along with moaning about the weather, economy, politics, and football. But there is something everyone should know about Britain. We LOVE t... Read More »

Does anyone else find car lights in general are getting too bright?

You're right. Nowadays, newer version of cars have muchbrighter lights generally and sometimes they really dazzle andannoy other drivers who can be 'blinded' temporarily on theroad.The road transpo... Read More »

Does Anyone Else Regret Getting invisalign Over Traditional Braces?

I'm so happy I read this.! I need braces now /: so I was thinking about invisalign but when I heard the treatment was as fast, I was really iffy. I haven't got braces yet but I'll prob get traditio... Read More »

Please Help! Anyone struggle getting help w/Fibromyalgia What to do?

My wife has Fibromyalgia. When she found out, she started to go to the Community Center where they had a heated pool. Getting in that warm water and moving her arms and legs made her feel great. Sh... Read More »