Does anyone else like mashed potatoes with their spaghetti?

Answer This is just out right sickening and makes me want to dance on your table top! what about some chili with spaghetti, sounds good doesn't it!

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Fried Chicken Wings with Fries Spaghetti with Eggplant Parmigiana Or Sliced Turkey with Mashed Potatoes?

Lol, I love your end of the day questions:) Hmm...maybe Fried chicken wings with fries? lol, Goodnight:)

How to make instant mashed potatoes taste like real potatoes?

O.K. First, Instant Mashed Potaoes will never taste like real potatoes..because they are NOT! That being said...if the instructions call for water..use milk..if the instructions call for milk use ... Read More »

Does anyone else like it when their limbs fall asleep?

i love it! Like when i sit on my foot and then walk!

Does anyone else here like to put a strip of bacon into their cup of coffee?