Does anyone else like it when their limbs fall asleep?

Answer i love it! Like when i sit on my foot and then walk!

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Anyone else experience hypnic jerks as they fall asleep?

I think it's pretty common. I do on occasion. And every woman I've ever slept with seems to do so as well.

Why does it feel like my heart stops beating when I fall asleep?

It sounds more like stress than anything else. Sleep Apnea is a possibility but if you sleep on your side it is unlikely to occur. You are just conscious of your heartbeat which normally not felt s... Read More »

Does anyone else like mashed potatoes with their spaghetti?

This is just out right sickening and makes me want to dance on your table top! what about some chili with spaghetti, sounds good doesn't it!

Does anyone else here like to put a strip of bacon into their cup of coffee?