Does anyone else have a third nipple Is this normal?

Answer Are you roaming again Princess??? LOLChandler Bing on "Friends" is the only one I've ever actually heard of having a third nipple. ;))

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My nipple won't come out even when it's cold or I massage them is it normal there just holes ?

Inverted nipples are actually fairly common with 10-20% of women having them to some degree. - it is really not much of an issue unless you make it into one. Now you say you are flat but you do ... Read More »

Is glow-in-the-dark nipple discharge normal after radiation exposure?

Sorry, friend, I couldn't answer your question as soon as you asked it, because I had to call my Mom and ask if she agreed that I shared this part of her life with you. She said it's ok, she trust... Read More »

12 years old problem with right nipple sore and swollen also a lump underneath the nipple?

Well a twelve year old with swollen/tender breasts could just be growth from puberty but there shouldn't be a lump. You might should contact your doctor. During puberty this is normal but it could ... Read More »

Is it normal to have that nipple pain u feel when your pregnant leak colostrum even though you havent breastfed in 8 yrsi did have unprotected sex around ovulation time 2wks ago ive been cramping?

Answer it is normal. with hormone flucuations, there can be pain in the nipples at any given point in time.