Does anyone else have a horrible headache!?

Answer Quite regularly get them just a long my forehead though, usually when i been on the comp or reading too long without my glasses on!!! Try some ibuprofen find they are better than paracetamol or asp... Read More »

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Does anyone else think that crocs are horrible?

Honestly,i would not say they are horrible,i would just say that they are unfashionable, and untrendyi mean ask any1 who wears it,they would say that it is comfortable,but to me it is UGLY =]

Does anyone else think that tap water tastes horrible?

No, I don't think so. I only ever drink tap water, but I do find it tastes much better when it's very cold, so I always pour it over ice or keep a (reusable) bottle of it in the fridge. Bottled wat... Read More »

Does anyone else agree that Season 6 of the TV show Highlander had horrible episodes except for the last three?

Definitely yes as the show did not even seem the same. It was almost as if they might as well have ended it after Season 5- but they did have to have episodes resolving what was going on with the Z... Read More »

Does anyone else get a headache from the smell of paint My house is being painted so there's no way I can?

This might not help if you have already chosen your paint. There are two different paints from Benjamin Moore that have low to almost no VOC. VOC's are the toxic fumes that come off the paint as ... Read More »