Does anyone else hate facebook?

Answer There are a lot of annoying things on facebookhere is the Facebook Athem just for all those "Bored with facebook"…Enjoy - I promise you will like it, Just... Read More »

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yea facebook sucks. For people with self image issues it can make things a lot worse. Which leaves the option to not have a facebook page which can cause the same problem by fearing what people thi... Read More »

Why do you hate facebook?

Yes Certainly... I HATE THE FACE BOOK AS WELL !!!!!I just created an account in Facebook and started to use it.. I just added as many as my friends whom i do not know too.. Is there anything wrong ... Read More »

I hate Facebook does anyone else?

What? you hate facebook?Translation: I have no friends and I have ugly photos :)I love FB!unlike yahoo answers,full of trolls! FB actually filters out trash,you need an email and phone verification... Read More »

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you hate the new facebook?

i don't mind it too much, but i dislike where they placed certain things and how i can't figure out where to find things and how EVERYONE can see what i wrote to someone else.... it makes facebook ... Read More »