Does anyone else get sick of vegetarians....?

Answer Henry, I have reported you to Yahoo! and I have also reported you to an internet watchdog group. Making remarks like you made are taken serious and can be considered a hate crime.

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Does anyone else get sick of people putting 'loose' instead of 'lose'?

Not really. I dont really care if they get that word wrong, as long as they are trying to spell people who like "2 talkz likz thizz!!omg!!!" THAT is annoying. If we're going to ha... Read More »

Is anyone else sick of rap music?

Anyone else sick of eBay?

I sold four things totalling about £80 last month - my fees were £12.54, postage was around 25.00, paypal took about £9.00 - less than 50% of the money I got from sales was eventually downloaded... Read More »

Is anyone else sick of the MySpace questions?

aren't you sick of all the questions about why people are writing questions about the whole myspace thing. gosh, it's getting so old now. maybe i'll write a question about the question writers fee... Read More »