Does anyone else get grossed out watching people eat?

Answer I find it amusingsome people can remind me downright to a wood pecker, pecking its food and a cow just mulching its grass.Just shows how animal we are

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Celebrity Hijack: Does anyone else agree that it will probably be the CELEBRITIES that keep us watching.?

I totally agree and i think if the celebs dont do a good job then the ratings of this show are gonna drop but if they are as good as matt was then there shouldnt be a problem.

Is anyone else watching bbc3, and if so- is the frame rate about 6fps right now?

sorry can't give you the five points back.......but have a star for your collection.....every little helps x xhey who's the muppet with the thumbs down?? come out come out where ever you are !!!!ja... Read More »

IMACGMOOH: Anyone else had to put their choc back in the fridge after watching Joe on the trial?

PMSL Gart, I'm just glad I'd finished my bangers by the time it was on!Although my poor husband had just got in from work and was still eating his dinner while it was on....means I'll have to take ... Read More »

Does anyone else get sick of people putting 'loose' instead of 'lose'?

Not really. I dont really care if they get that word wrong, as long as they are trying to spell people who like "2 talkz likz thizz!!omg!!!" THAT is annoying. If we're going to ha... Read More »