Does anyone else find this annoying?

Answer yeah well its a bastard, deal with it as we all have to

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Does anyone else find typing in full capitals annoying?

i had my bike nicked today......but people writing in BLOODY capitals...

I find the flickering images in adverts really annoying - anyone else agree?

Of course, everyone agrees. Just use AdBlock.

Does anyone else find this in vanilla coke?

my son loves vanilla cokewhen it stopped being sold he added a few drops of a homemade vanilla extract to ordinary cokehe tried the new one, and like you was disapppointedback to buying regular cok... Read More »

Does anyone else get these annoying calls?

if you have the time, you can play with these people. They get paid for making a sale... no sale, no pay, the longer you keep them on the phone, the less they make. They will soon catch on not to c... Read More »