Does anyone else find Facebook a big waste of time?

Answer I completely agree, im ashamed of my sisters that spend so long on the site. It must be for people who want to see what people are doing, but are too lazy to actually call them up to find out for ... Read More »

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Does anyone else hate facebook?

There are a lot of annoying things on facebookhere is the Facebook Athem just for all those "Bored with facebook"…Enjoy - I promise you will like it, Just... Read More »

I hate Facebook does anyone else?

What? you hate facebook?Translation: I have no friends and I have ugly photos :)I love FB!unlike yahoo answers,full of trolls! FB actually filters out trash,you need an email and phone verification... Read More »

Does anyone else play Cafe World on Facebook?

My cafe it is a lot of fun, but gonna tone it down a little so I don't get burned out by it

Does anyone else find?

yeah. guess it is because we do not walk around all day with 10lbs of rotting flesh in our guts. puts a bit of a bounce in us veggies steps! hahaha oh and i agree veggies smell and taste better... Read More »