Does anyone else find BT internet quite ****.?

Answer hi ben i have been with bt broadband since it began and to be honest ben i have found it pretty good i get a stable 3.4m/bit connection speed and this equates to a 4800kbps downstre... Read More »

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Is anyone else quite destaught about the pregnancy of Jamie-Lynn Spears?

i agree! i was shocked whhen my friend told me i dont want her to end up like her sister britany but wouldnt it be so cute seeing a tiny jamie!!

Does anyone else find?

yeah. guess it is because we do not walk around all day with 10lbs of rotting flesh in our guts. puts a bit of a bounce in us veggies steps! hahaha oh and i agree veggies smell and taste better... Read More »

Does anyone else think the internet should be more careful?

Does anyone else find this annoying?

yeah well its a bastard, deal with it as we all have to