Does anyone else find BT internet quite ****.?

Answer hi ben i have been with bt broadband since it began and to be honest ben i have found it pretty good i get a stable 3.4m/bit connection speed and this equates to a 4800kbps downstre... Read More »

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Windows internet explorer message-cannot find file:///' make sure the path or internet address is correct?

How do i find the end of the internet?

You mean the very first webpages because thats what i feel from your question!! Hopefully we will find out before this question time ends as i would like to know too..

How Do You Find Out the WEP Key for Internet?

One thing that all laptops currently on the market share is the ability to connect to a wireless network. While it was previously quite common for these networks to be unprotected, now most of them... Read More »

How do I find my Internet history?

Accessing Internet HistoryTo access your Internet history in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, simply hold the "control" key on your keyboard and press the "H" key.Inte... Read More »