Does anyone else ever google?

Answer i google alot to find the answers for people on here and get the points. sometimes i ask questions on things like advise or people's option you can't really get from a website, but what you need to... Read More »

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Does Google look different to anyone else?

Its large for me as well. Not sure why they would do this. It looks ridiculous IMO.If you visually impaired its easy enough to increase the text size of your browser. Weird.edit: to the people ... Read More »

Does anyone else have trouble with Google chrome?

Firefox is the best there is but the problem is with the Computer not with Chrome.…

Does anyone else find google earth really scary!!?

IT'S NOT JUST ME!!!I think it's terrifying!I am just waiting to see a ghost or something, or see Big Foot :LI am soo sad but it really freaks me out, and I'm like'Cr@p, I can't get home!!' :(Ohhh e... Read More »

Does anyone else feel like Google is too snoopy How much do you want your web search?

research shows that only 4.2 % of the target audience feel that Google is too snoopy. However in the group sector that shares your favorite search criteria ie Morris dancing and Madrigal based nose... Read More »