Does anyone else drink bong water often?

Answer nope pilgrim

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Does anyone else drink green tea as a substitute for there normal tea or coffee?

I'm Asian American so I grew up on green tea.My favorite flavor is Jasmine. It's pretty much the only one I'll drink with any regularity (not including plain green tea). Sometimes I put a bit of ca... Read More »

Does anyone else think that tap water tastes horrible?

No, I don't think so. I only ever drink tap water, but I do find it tastes much better when it's very cold, so I always pour it over ice or keep a (reusable) bottle of it in the fridge. Bottled wat... Read More »

Does anyone else have to wash their hair with bottled water?

You could try using a clarifying shampoo at home (your hair dresser can recommend a good one) while using the same water as you have been this entire time. Since your hair is color treated AND you'... Read More »

Does anyone else think that Perez Hilton is crazy Does anyone else think he looks like an ape?

Yeah he's really weird, his blog annoys the crap out of me sometimes lol. But he used to be much worse then he is now though