Does anyone else break out With after drinking alcohol?

Answer Break out with what? Hives? Zits? If you break out with anything after you consume alcohol you may be allergic to it, which is not uncommon. If that's the case, avoid it.

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Does anyone else not like drinking alcohol with food?

I am the same way. We will cook out and have big get-togethers with friends, everyone will be drinking beer or their choice with their food, I can't. I think it tastes horrible. I usually wait u... Read More »

Does anyone else play with their babies after every feeding?

The point of playing after a feed instead of letting them sleep if they fall asleep at the breast is to get them so they aren't dependent on food/nursing to sleep. Also, if there is a routine (eat... Read More »

Why does alcohol make me hyperactive and talkative days after drinking?

I'm pretty sure it's just the excitement from the night before. The same as happened to me(not for 3-4 days though)

How long does alcohol stay in your system after drinking When would a urine test detect it?

It stays in your system for 24 hours. Both in your blood, intestines, breath. all of that. I was unfortunately driving home one morning from a night out at the bars, and got pulled over. The co... Read More »