Does anyone else agree with me that youtube copyright is getting out of hand?

Answer It is mostly bullshit because it is really not a big deal!!We don't make money off of our youtube videos?? (some do)Not many people see them (compared to TV shows)It is not harming anyone!!!AN ALSO... Read More »

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Does anyone else agree with me?

I notice that $*** too! Theyre every where. Parents letting their lil kids dress like that then wonder why they get pregnant at 15. It is sad and sick that a lot of kids are allowed to dress and ac... Read More »

Celebrity Hijack: Does anyone else agree that it will probably be the CELEBRITIES that keep us watching.?

I totally agree and i think if the celebs dont do a good job then the ratings of this show are gonna drop but if they are as good as matt was then there shouldnt be a problem.

Does anyone else agree that the Doctors and GP in this Country (England) are absolutely useless?

Good point (long story) Lets say no-one more than me.You're the Kung Fu Panda I have dreamt about my life is complete.

Does anyone agree that YouTube should remove commenting entirely?