Does anyone believe that youtube has actually changed the world (even a little)?

Answer Doesn't everything someone does change them slightly and one person can effect another and it's like a chain reaction and the whole world is affected, youtube could have change the world, could hav... Read More »

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YouTube changed my username to my real name. PLEASE HELP!!! (30/08/12)?

Go to your name on the top right corner. Click it. Then i'll say these bunch of stuff like ' inbox, settings' etc. Click YOUTUBE SETTINGS. From there click revert back to username. If it's not ther... Read More »

Someone hacked into my YouTube account and changed the password. And now...?

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How have vaccines changed the world?

They have prevented millions of deaths and unnecessary suffering, and they have helped to eradicate a few diseases.

How has photography changed the world?

Photography is the world's most popular hobby. We use it to document family milestones, capture beauty, reveal the ugliness of war and stalk celebrities. Photography has changed the world way more ... Read More »