Does anyone believe that youtube has actually changed the world (even a little)?

Answer Doesn't everything someone does change them slightly and one person can effect another and it's like a chain reaction and the whole world is affected, youtube could have change the world, could hav... Read More »

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Does anyone *really* believe that children are being raised better these days than forty or even twenty years.?

I think you are right in saying there is too much intrusion into family life these days Joan. The Nanny state is alive and thriving in Britain.As to whether children are better brought up today ? I... Read More »

Does anybody believe that Joan R has *actually* gone to Scarborough....?

I find it hard to believe she even has a *Friend*

Iso problems im finding these little crosses and ive changed threw every mode of iso on my camera i have the nikon d3000 and it even happens on auto?

Most DSLR's include a "Sports" shutter speed function. That's what i use so my images arern't blurry. Hope this helps!

Does anyone check that Wikipedia's citations are actually relevant to the topic?

Nobody is specifically checking the cited references. In fact, even when specific attention is drawn to them, the Wikipediots run around in a way that might remind you of the Keystone Kops.Read th... Read More »