Does anyone believe in the bohemian grove?

Answer Yes, it's in the woods north of San Francisco. There are websites about this secret a Google search. They do some weird stuff.

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Bohemian Grove Fact Sheet?

Every July, leaders of industry, politics and the arts meet for a two-week retreat at Bohemian Grove, a 2,700-acre luxury campsite nestled among giant redwood trees about an hour north of San Franc... Read More »

Does anyone know the title of song on Hemlock Grove when the Godfrey cousins are driving a long road?

Does anyone here believe in natural health cures/remedies Why or why not?

i very much believe in healing the body as a whole and resolving a persons ailments from the source and not simply bandaiding the symptoms with prescription and over the counter medications ......... Read More »

I believe there is a free anti-virus download. Does anyone use it?