Does anyone actually select their best answers for their questions?

Answer I Do All The Time. My Questions Are Never Older Than 2 Days. But I Don't Blame You, Sometimes People Do Ask Questions, Get Their Answers, And Don't Return The Favor.......Lazy Bastards......

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Is Yahoo! Answers keeping anyone up past their normal bedtime?

Me. Omg. Ha ha ha. Answering questions is sooo addicting to me. I don't know why. I think I have a problem. But I also think I give good advice and some friends get mad because I habitually do it, ... Read More »

Is anyone else getting #39 put in their questions today?

I have that all day but I thought it was my Opera browser.I guess the boys on YA! have some work to do.

Has anyone received their tax refund on their emerald card yet thanks =)?

As of 8:44pm our federal tax return hit our Emerald Card. Our DD was scheduled for 1/24. Good luck!

Has anyone received their February 8, 2012 direct deposit from their tax refund yet?

I filed on 21st and got accepted the 22nd. Was supposed to be deposited 2/1 the changed being processed and should receive it by 2/7. Then Sun 2/5 it changed to dd 2/8. Just check tt and money was ... Read More »