Does anyone actually like spam?

Answer Spam fritter - a thick slice of spam dipped in batter and deep-fried - is the best way to eat it. Goes nice with chips & ketchup.

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Does anyone still like to eat Spam & if so what do you like to eat it with?

OMG, I've always loved Spam!I buy a small can, slice it into 4 slices, put them in a frying pan so all the slices are touching at the corners, and fry an egg in the middle.Then I put 2 of the slice... Read More »

Does anyone actually like Facebook?

You spoke whats is my mind and heart 99% of them who have Facebook account does have it because they think it lifts their social status.but everyone knows that it creates problems some one-way or o... Read More »

Does anyone actually like the new Facebook?

I do! When they first launched the option to switch to the new facebook, I admit that I immediately dismissed it and thought that it wasn't that great. Just a few days ago, I tried it again and rea... Read More »

Does anyone actually like and drink cider?

I love apple juice. I'm teetotal though. I'm sure I wouldn't like cider. The smell is enough to put me off! sorry!