Does anybody still use Microsoft Windows XP?

Answer I do ^_^, Vista is the biggest waste of an operating system ever, maybe if they could learn how to make it work properly, we could think about switching, but why bother when XP works perfectly fine

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Does Microsoft still support Windows XP?

Microsoft supports Windows XP until July 13, 2010. The operating system was released in October of 2001 but has since been replaced by two subsequent versions: Windows Vista and Windows 7.Reference... Read More »

Does Microsoft still support Windows 2000?

According to Microsoft's website, official public support for Windows 2000 ends on July 13, 2010. After this date, software updates and technical support will no longer be available to users.Refere... Read More »

Windows Update Vs Microsoft Visual Studio Problem , Can anybody help see more Details below ...?

i bet it's not related to windows updates, it's simply because you haven't or you've forgot to activate your Visual Studio pack, and now the 30 days trial period is expired. uninstall VS completely... Read More »

Does anybody still operate BBC microcomputers?

She sang "The Witch's Aria".