Does anybody still think to themselves 'I can't believe I'm a vegetarian'?

Answer Not me. I'm pretty much amazed when I skip meat for a day, I love it so much. ∠°)

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Does anyone eat fish but still consider themselves vegetarian?

This is a bit common, I've found. I don't eat meat but I eat fish. When people call me a vegetarian, I correct them and tell them I'm actually a pescatarian. Surprisingly, people often don't know t... Read More »

Do you think i am still a vegetarian?

You are either a vegetarian or you are not one, so it doesn't matter whether you drink the soup or just the noodles you are still eating a meat dish, so you can't claim to be a complete vegetarian.... Read More »

Does anybody believe that Joan R has *actually* gone to Scarborough....?

I find it hard to believe she even has a *Friend*

Does anybody believe that cancer can be triggered by a heavy knock or fall?

No, especially as the "progession" was so fast. He probably had the cancer already and the knock just caused it to start showing symptoms;