Does anybody remember these chips?

Answer I think I know what you are talking about. Are they really thin? I mean the actual layer that makes the bubble.(they weren't bugles. They were like a thin puff of corn chip, but they were completel... Read More »

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Does anybody remember the programme/movie?

club house detectives in search of a lost princess you have to put this into your google bar to get it it was a good movie there was eight i think

Does anybody remember cassettes and Video Tapes?

yes i still have a VCR and sometimes (every once in a blue moon) i use it =)

Does anybody remember that 90s childrens tv show on ITV where one of the things on it was two gloves like doing magic tricks and they came from behind a red curtain?

Does anybody remember the children's TV show i think it was in the 90's where there was a hairy monster type man living in a cave and a little girl who brought him things and talked to him?