Does anybody out there still use the services of a Milkman?

Answer Emma..use the supermarket like everyone else...come to think of it i havent seen a milkman for months and months round these parts.

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Is there anybody who still thinks its a good idea for a girl to have a tattoo?

I'm a 22 year old girl and i have tattoos. I think they look nice. If they look awful by the time im 40 then ive only got myself to blame.It doesn't matter if other people think they look ugly, i l... Read More »

Does anybody still operate BBC microcomputers?

She sang "The Witch's Aria".

Does anybody still use Microsoft Windows XP?

I do ^_^, Vista is the biggest waste of an operating system ever, maybe if they could learn how to make it work properly, we could think about switching, but why bother when XP works perfectly fine

Does anybody still think to themselves 'I can't believe I'm a vegetarian'?

Not me. I'm pretty much amazed when I skip meat for a day, I love it so much. ∠°)