Does anybody know of a good way to "cure " cancer through alternative medicines?

Answer Here are a few ideas for you to research and some good articles for consideration.There was a study done in Canada on an old native American tea. It worked wonders, doctors would send their patient... Read More »

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What are the palliatives in alternative medicines that can be given to a cancer patient?

Palliatives are better known as comfort measures. There are all kinds of palliative measures that can be taken, from medically proven measures, such as massage, to spiritual medicines, such as Rei... Read More »

Does alternative medicine cure cancer?

When someone claims that 'alternative medicine' cures/heals/gets rid of cancer one of two things is happening.It is either1) as you suggest, a lie - wherever there's cancer there's a ruthless charl... Read More »

Is there an alternative way to cure a cancer patient?

If a treatment has been subjected to scientific testing to prove it works it ceases to be alternative and becomes mainstream.Anything alternative is unproven and/or untested or (as is the case with... Read More »

Why are alternative medicines more preferred than primary medicines?

They work,without dangerous side effects.