Does anybody know if the new Windows 8 is worth installing?

Answer I have an extra computer with an extra 30gb hdd....just for testing....(windows 8 Consumer Preview)If you are just testing like many of us are.....then yes....Come early 2013, our systems will rebo... Read More »

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Is silverlight worth installing?

On One Hand: Programming BenefitsSilverlight allows programmers to create animation-rich websites. The software development tool is fully compatible with Visual Studio, so developers are able to qu... Read More »

My computer is has a 325gb hard drive is it worth installing more gb?

I would buy an External HD for around £100.I wouldn't bother with an Internal as you have to know what you are doing,and things can go wrong if you don't know much.Externals are cheaper and easier... Read More »

How do I remove Windows 98 after installing Windows XP?

BackupBefore removing Windows 98, save any personal files to another hard drive or partition, CD or DVD, USB flash drive, etc. With the Windows XP installation CD, you can remove Windows 98 easily,... Read More »

Is it worth upgrading from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 7 Ultimate?

Do not see why. Forget exactly what but Ultimate has maybe 2 things that Pro does not. Unless having one of those things is important. Check out the link below for a comparison chart. Hope this hel... Read More »