Does anybody know if the new Windows 8 is worth installing?

Answer I have an extra computer with an extra 30gb hdd....just for testing....(windows 8 Consumer Preview)If you are just testing like many of us are.....then yes....Come early 2013, our systems will rebo... Read More »

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Does anybody know how old and possibly if this piano is worth any money?…check itAlso, just because a piano may be estimated at a value doesn't mean people are willing to pay it. Alot of factors that can raise or lower the price.

Does anybody actually read the licensing agreement when installing software?

i read the first few sentences then skim through the rest, but not entirely

I would like to know how I can scan a document and them make changes to it. Does anybody know?

If you mean make text changes then when saving your scanned image look for a 'scan to text' option.If you mean changes to an image you can save the scanned image as just about any kind of image for... Read More »

Does anybody know a site?

It isn't an adult roleplay site but is a roleplay site you can go on your phone with. (Im always on my phone there.)