Does anybody know if I can transfer old camcorder cassettes to DVD?

Answer Yes, it's very possible. If you have access to something like a Tivo that can record what you plug in, then all you need is the right cables. If the camera is old, it probably uses RGB outputs, and... Read More »

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I have Panasonic camcorder and some cassettes can i overwrite on the cassettes or no?

Yes you can. Do it too many times and the quality will diminish over time though.

How do i to get old HI 8 camcorder cassettes onto my PC?

Well, you have to get an Analog to Digital converter box.They are like $150, and they take the yellow, red, white cables and turn it into firewire. [assuming you have firewire on your computer, if... Read More »

Can Sony HDV Digital Video Cassettes be used in a normal MiniDV Camcorder?

You can use them, you just wont get all the interraction that the HDV tapes are capable of providing as they communicate with the camcorder during recording.

How do I transfer 8mm video cassettes to DVD?

Connect your camcorder or 8 mm video cassette player to your computer. If you have a video capture card that has an RCA connection, you can connect with RCA cables. Alternatively, you can use an ... Read More »