Does anybody know how to cheat at the Real Care baby simulator?

Answer If you reprogram it, your instrutor will know and you will have not learned anything from the experience except that cheating gets you nothing but an 'F'.

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Does any body know any cool baby games were you can have a baby and then take care of it?

well i know like 7 Zodler.combabydow.combabypalsbabyfuture,com/baby adoptBabys.combaby birth game

I heard half of justin biebers followers were not real. Does anybody know where he got them from?

5kfor10 does good for pretty cheap. I think you can get 5,000 followers for like $12 bucks....but I say do it the natural way and go ask people to follow you =P

Does cold affect real care baby?

Depends.... If u leave it out in the car or a cold place, it can damage the realcare baby but standing outside for 30 mins, wont make a difference..

Where can i buy a real care baby?

Ebay!Realityworks doesnt sell to individuals only schools.