Does anybody know how I get the Closed Captioning off on my TV?

Answer Is there a button on your remote that turns it off and on? That's how my TV is, but yours might be different. Sorry if I didn't help =/

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Closed captioning on t.v.?

My daughter is a CSR (Certified Shorthand Reporter). The software she uses on her system builds dictionaries based on her strokes. Those keyboards are weird, everything is symbolic. She used to ... Read More »

What does cc3 mean in closed captioning?

CC3 is simply a designator for closed captioning 3, one of the data streams reserved for closed captioning content. CC3 is often used for alternate captioning, such as in Spanish, but its usability... Read More »

Who invented closed captioning?

WGBH, a public television station, invented closed captioning in the early 1970s. The Caption Center was formed in 1972, and a team of engineers worked to develop the access to television for the d... Read More »

How to Get Closed Captioning on Comcast?

Comcast's cable television home service is one of the most popular in the United States, offering hundreds of free, subscription-based and pay-per-view channels to users. One additional service tha... Read More »