Does anybody know any fun activities for 2 yr. olds?

Answer Im an art teacher and my kids have a balst doing art projects. You can make just about anything from some yarn, cotton balls, wiggley eyes, and glue. You can add simple things from around the hou... Read More »

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I would like to know how I can scan a document and them make changes to it. Does anybody know?

If you mean make text changes then when saving your scanned image look for a 'scan to text' option.If you mean changes to an image you can save the scanned image as just about any kind of image for... Read More »

Does anybody know a site?

It isn't an adult roleplay site but is a roleplay site you can go on your phone with. (Im always on my phone there.)

Does anybody know what's a Trojan ?

Trojan Horse: a program that claims to be one thing but is, in fact, another. A trojan horse is not a virus per se but it may carry them. For example many people consider Kazaa, the music sharing s... Read More »

Does anybody know how to get rid of mice in the house?

Poor you, it's awful isn't it! I've had the same problem, they seem to be very common in my area. I find that glue traps work well - you might want to bait them with chocolate or biscuit crumbs o... Read More »