Does anybody have experience buying camera from photo craft?

Answer i think you should be concerned with the camera itself and not concerned with where you buy it. you shouldnt by it from a small store that only has 2-3 locations. you want a really big store that i... Read More »

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I-joy chair.....anyone have experience with it Worth buying?

only tried it in the stores and they feel pretty darn good, though sometimes it looks a little unusual to see the moves that your body will make ... but I'm considering one myself, I do think they ... Read More »

What is the dpi of a photograph developed by a drugstore Does it depend on the dpi of the original photo taken by my digital camera How I can I ensure a photo is 300dpi?

Found on the web...Shoot on high-resolution settings If you don't want to think or learn about pixels and how they relate to resolution, then the simple rule of thumb is to always shoot pictures on... Read More »

How to Create Passport Photo With Digital Camera and ID Photo Maker?

ID Photo Maker is a powerful and easy to use standard ID photo, passport photo, visa photo and other identification photo making software.ID Photo Maker built-in a very useful feature: Digital Came... Read More »

Has anyone had "good" or "bad" experience with refilling your printers ink instead of buying new cartridges?

Bad!! Too many things can go wrong. There are now so many web sites that sell iso 9001 ink (That's the standard printer makers use) that there is no reason to refill. Try They sell ... Read More »