Does anybody have any suggestions for programs to make on Visual Basic?

Answer If you want a challange try a new language like c++ where ALOT of stuff is made like games, programs and more.

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Does Visual basic have an option to make a canvas to draw on?

You can use either of the programming languages to do what you are wishing to accomplish. But if you already know how to use Visual Basic, then it will be easier to develop your project with that ... Read More »


Aloe vera. Let's start with the idea that there are no plants that naturally grow indoors. Therefore you need a plant that will survive under low light, intermittent water, cramped quarters [a pot]... Read More »

Does anybody have suggestions on sweet potato fries?

Slice, mix with EVOO, garlic, chipotle chili powder, garlic powder and bake at 425 till crispy.Served with Ranch or Aioli or Thousand Island, depends on my mood.Haven't tried but just thought about... Read More »

I have to find a movie about anti social personality disorder does anybody have any suggestions and know any?