Does anybody have a home remedy for ear ache,please?

Answer If you are taking antibiotics you need to finish your course.... I am definitely not a fan of antibiotics. I am very alternative medicine... this has worked for me every time. At the natural health... Read More »

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Does anybody have a homoeopathic remedy for anxiety?

Homeopathic Treatment :-Try ARGENTUM NIT 30C for your anxietyKeep me posted about your progress please after taking three doses.Take care and God Bless you

Does anybody have a remedy for morgellons symptoms Such as ringing in the ears and the crawling feeling?

Here are the symptoms of Morgellons: this website might offer some insight:…

Does anyone have a "home remedy" for acid reflux?

. Go to your doctor they can give you a safer answer, some times home made remedies can do more harm then good. Also watch what you eat ( even if you have to make a list) If something bothers you ... Read More »

Does anybody have home made tincture for low tyroid?

Agh no. Only prescription medication has the necessary ingredient and dosage.